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Dues for this year are $1,600.00 per member. Dues are due on February 1st of each year and considered late if not paid by the annual club meeting. A LATE FEE of $100.00 will be due after February’s club meeting. The club meeting will be held the first Saturday in February at 8:00. Any members that have not paid by the annual club meeting will have their membership terminated and stand locations pulled. NO EXCEPTIONS. Club members will be required to turn in a new signed application annually indicating they have read the rules and are in agreement.


There are NO free members. Wives and children of members who are full time high school students are honorary members and the only exceptions to hunt free. Children must ride with a paying member. No shared memberships.


Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. Dues can be paid in person at or prior to the annual meeting or can be mailed to:


Dan Jones

4538 River Trail Road

Jacksonville, Florida 32277


Members must participate in one workday out of the two scheduled or pay a fine of $50.00. Workdays start at 7:30 am. If the member is not present by 8:00 am you will not be credited for that day. No member will be allowed to hunt until ALL fines are paid. Work days for the 2016-2017 season are May 6th and August 26th.


NO guest are allowed during special hunts (SMALL GAME, BOW, BLACK POWDER, SPRING GOBBLER, DOE WEEKEND) or for the first 9 days of regular gun season. Guest MUST ride with a paying club member.


Guest fees are $40.00 per day. Club members are responsible for paying fees BEFORE the hunt begins. Fees paid after that day will be $80.00. Members are limited to inviting one guest per day and the same guest only two times per year. All members are responsible for their guest. If your guest breaks any club rules you will be fined $100.00 and that guest cannot be invited back. Under NO circumstances will a guest take a doe deer


All members are responsible for making sure that gates are locked after each days hunt. If you unlock a gate you must lock it back. Camp gate should be locked at ALL times.


Any club member driving around gates is subject to having their membership terminated.


The camp house is for club members only.


One campsite is allowed per member and there is a $200.00 yearly campsite fee in addition to the membership dues. Members are responsible for keeping their campsite clean. No trash is to be left at the campsite. No permanent structures can be built at the campsite.


There is to be NO “pleasure riding” on the lease during the hours of before 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm. For the safety of all campers, especially the children, “pleasure riding” of any motorized vehicle is not allowed in the campsite area. Parents need to control their children on the four wheelers.


Pets at the camp site must be on a leash or in a pen. Pet owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet (They poop-you scoop). As a courtesy to the hunters whose stands are near the campsite, please DO NOT leave a barking dog outside and unattended during peak hunting hours. (before 10:00am and after 4:00pm). If your dog is a barker put him in your camper during this time.


The speed limit for all motorized vehicles in the campsite area is 5 mph.  Please adhere to the speed limit.


Pump house generator – If you crank the generator it is your responsibility to turn it off. Please make sure you put gas in the generator and check the oil each time you use it.


Please remember to be careful and not damage any property (timber or equipment).


Landowners must approve any grading of the roads.


NO LITTERING! NO EXCEPTIONS! Keep bottles, paper, cans, etc. in your vehicle for proper discarding.


Members are allowed 3 stands per membership. All stand locations will be logged on the map located in the camp house. This is not only for proper etiquette, but also to let other members know the location of a hunter in case they do not return from their hunt. If you wish to purchase additional stand locations the cost is $450.00 per stand. Please see a club officer for information on purchasing additional stand locations.


No hunter will be permitted to sit in another member’s stand unless they have permission from the owner of that stand. Anyone caught in another members stand without approval is subject to having their membership terminated.


Stands not logged on the camp map will not have the protection for that hunting area if a stand is erected nearby. All stands that are logged on the camp map will have a minimum of 300 yards in which another stand may not be erected.


PRIOR to any stand being erected an officer of the club must be advised of the location and verify that no conflict with an existing stand will occur. The new stand will then be noted on the camp map.


All scouting and stands must be in place one week prior to bow season. There will be no scouting or moving of stands after this date unless approved by a club officer.


The members of the club will observe the rules and regulations of the Fresh Water Fish and Game Commission of Florida.


No firearms during non-hunting months larger than a .22 caliber pistol with a 6 inch barrel.


Any member is subject to immediate dismissal from the club for any illegal deer shot and killed.


All antlered deer must have at least 3 points (1 inch or more) on ONE side to be legal. This regulation is set by the Fresh Water Fish and Game Commission of Florida.


You are allowed TWO DOES per membership. Your does can be taken in either bow season or doe weekend.


Gobblers only during spring gobbler season.


No hog hunting except during regular hunting season. Hog hunting is NOT allowed year around. All hogs must be at least 15 inches tall.


No fox or coon hunting on lease.


No trapping will be allowed on the lease.


It is required that all game killed on the lease be cleaned at the camp. It is also required that one of the club officers be notified of the kill and the kill must be logged on the log inside the camp house.


There will be NO hunting on the lease after the regular season ends in January, except for Spring Gobbler and we will honor small game season according the Fresh Water Game and Fish Commission.


There will be NO shining a light at night to spot deer, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any club member caught spotting a deer at night will be subject to membership cancellation.


There will be no riding of the lease after dark in any vehicle other than to go into town or back or to assist someone in finding a wounded or downed animal. Please use reasonable judgment so that late night travel is not necessary as this is disruptive to other campers. We want the camp to be a comfortable environment for all campers and their families.


All hunters must wear a safety orange vest or cap when going to and from their stand. They may be removed once you are in your stand. Anyone walking or riding the lease during hunting season must also wear a safety orange vest or cap. This is not required around the campsite. Members who violate this rule are subject to cancellation of membership.